Marmalade of London Product FAQs

How safe are reed diffusers?

Of course, there are risks to using a reed diffuser, but you can take a range of steps to always make sure that you use one safely.

  • The diffuser reeds must not be lit: They are designed to allow their scent to be gently diffused around a room, and this won’t be helped by lighting them - all you’ll be doing is creating a fire hazard!
  • Keep reeds out of the reach of children and pets: It can be easy to knock over a reed diffuser, so always put them somewhere discreet and ideally, on a level, stable surface.
  • Use a coaster or mat underneath them: Some of the ingredients in the oils can damage the surfaces of your furniture. Be sure to always wipe the bottom of the bottle before you put it in place, and check it regularly.
  • Take care when handling used reeds: Some diffuser liquids cause an allergic reaction. Always wear gloves when handling used reeds to avoid the risk of getting some of the liquid on your skin.

Can you gift-wrap my candle?

We’d be happy to do this for you at a cost of £3.50 per item. You can add extra details to your order notes during checkout to let us know which occasion your gift is for, and leave the rest to us.

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