L’Occitane Product FAQs

How long will my L’Occitane products remain at their best?

Beauty product manufacturers including L’Occitane use a standard system for indicating the expected life of their products. Known as the ‘Period After Opening’, it can be identified by this symbol:







The example shown here denotes a product that will be at its best when used within six months.

L’Occitane carefully monitors its chosen suppliers - which includes us at Ellamora - to ensure that we practise effective stock rotation and always sell all products well within their indicated life.

Are L’Occitane products suitable for use by vegans?

L'Occitane does not use products of animal origin other than bee bi-products such as Honey or Beeswax.

Honey is used as a natural moisturiser, so may be found in some L’Occitane moisturising products, such as hand creams or face creams.

You can look out for the following ingredients on the labels of each product:

Miel (honey)
Miel Extract (honey extract)
Royal Jelly
Propolis Cera (Propolis extract)

What can I do if the product I receive is not suitable?

Of course we want to take every possible step to make sure that this doesn’t happen, but are happy to resolve any problems where we can. Please contact us in the first instance with details of your reasons for not accepting the product, as this will help us gather information which will help us in the case of other customers raising similar concerns.

Please see here for our full policy on returns and refunds.

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