Update Your Skin Care Routine!

Skin care! Some of us love it and some of us loath it, but it is so important to have a skin care routine that suits your skin; not just for cosmetic reasons, but for health reasons as well. How often do you stick to your skin care? If your answer was "sometimes" or "not very often," this blog is for you!

What are the benefits to having a regular skin care routine?

♡ It boosts confidence 

♡ It allows for a couple of minutes of 'me time' every day 

♡ It can help slow down signs of ageing

♡ Ensures your skin is healthy

L'Occitane Facial Cleanser

The first step to discovering your perfect routine is find out what skin type you are. The 5 categories of healthy skin are normal, dry, oily, combination (both oily and dry) and sensitive. There are at home tests you can conduct to figure out your skin type, or you can visit a professional to help you. At home, after cleansing, wait 30 minutes and watch to see how your skin reacts. If your face appears shiny throughout, you probably have oily skin; if it feels tight and flakey, you probably have dry skin; if you t-zone is oily but the rest is hydrated or flakey, you probably have combination skin; if your skin appears hydrated and not oily, you probably have normal skin.

Each type of skin requires a different product, but first, let's look at steps.

The typical steps to a skincare routine can look like this, but varies for everyone:

Morning: Cleanser > Toner > Eye Cream > Moisturiser > SPF (if not in moisturiser) > Lip Balm

Night: Make Up Remover > Cleanser > Toner > Serum > Eye Cream > Moisturiser > Lip Balm

You could also implement a weekly exfoliation and face mask if you're up to it!

L'Occitane Immortal Divine Cream

Now, we know this may sound complicated and maybe slightly intimidating, but once you have all your products set up and ready, it's a piece of cake! Below, we're going to tell you about some of our favourite skin care products that we have to offer and that are loved by our customers. 

L'Occitane 3-in1 Micellar Water 200ml
Product Step: Make Up Remover
Skin Type: All
How to Use: Squirt onto a cotton pad and gently rub all over face to remove make up.

L'Occitane Gel To-Foam Facial Cleanser 200ml
Product Step: Cleanser
Skin Type: All
How to Use: Apply to wet skin and rub gently to create lather. Wash off with water.

L'Occitane Overnight Reset Eye Serum 15ml
Product Step: Eye Cream (Night Time) 
Skin Type: All
How to Use: Apply to freshly cleansed skin, dab gently around the eye starting at the inner corner, avoid pulling skin.

L'Occitane Overnight Reset Serum 30ml
Product Step: Serum (Night Time)
Skin Type: All
How to Use: Apply to freshly cleansed skin, avoid contact with eyes.

L'Occitane Divine Cream 50ml
Product Step: Moisturiser 
Skin Type: All 
How to Use: Apply to face in circular motion.

L'Occitane Divine Eye Balm 15ml
Product Step: Eye Cream 
Skin Type: All
How to Use: Apply gently under and around eyes.

L'Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Lip Balm
Product Step: Lip Balm
Skin Type: All
How to Use: Rub product onto lips using finger or tube, massage in.

L'Occitane Serum

Some of our favourite skin care tips:

♡ Treat yourself to a face mask once a week

♡ Cool temperatures are good for your skin and cold water is good for closing up your pores

♡ Drink water throughout the day!

♡ Wear SPF daily if it isn't in your moisturiser! Sun exposure is damaging to our skin

♡ Exfoliate once or a couple of times a week

♡ Find what routine is best for you

Once you find what products are best for you, getting into your skin care routine will be a piece of cake. Be sure to do a bit of research to discover what is best for your skin to have the best outcomes, your skin will thank you!