Switch Up Your Resolutions for 2022!

Happy New Year from all of us at Ellamora! We hope you had a lovely time at Christmas and hopefully you had a bit of time off to relax and spend with family.

We’ve been thinking a lot about New Years resolutions and we even asked you if you had any on our socials and got a range of great answers, but sometimes our resolutions can leave us feeling slumped by this time in Jan…

2022 fireworks

How many times have you made a New Years resolution and not stuck to it? No matter how many times, it’s absolutely fine and completely normal. The beginning of a new year can be a funny one; the phrase “New Year, New Me” is embedded in everything we see and hear through advertising and social media for the majority of January and it can be tough for some of us. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves, suddenly telling ourselves that we’re going to become a ‘better version’ (for lack of a better phrase) of our previous years, particularly when it comes to diets and weight loss, but a lot of the time we fail to make it past week 1. 

This is often because we put so much pressure on ourselves and set our goals too high. 

So, we’re here to give you some positive, achievable goals (that don’t involve you having to buy a whole new wardrobe or flip your life upside down) to help give your 2022 a good start. 


Ellamora’s Reachable Resolutions for 2022:

1. Practice Positivity

Sometimes staying positive can be hard work, especially as we’re surrounded by doom and gloom at the moment. But, with a bit of practice, so many situations can be made better with just a slightly more positive outlook on life. For example, if you’re looking at yourself in a mirror and suddenly think something negative, recognise that you’re doing it and find something positive to say about yourself instead, even if it’s something small. Once you begin to recognise when you’re being negative, it’s easier to slip in positive things instead or as well. 

2. Find a Skin Care Routine That Suits You

Instead of trying to change everything about yourself, focus on one thing. How organised are you with your skin care routine? If you find you haven’t found the right products for you or don’t set time aside to look after your skin, make it your goal in 2022 to get into this routine. Once you’re in it, you’ll enjoy the time each day that you get to have with yourself, knowing that you’re doing something for your own benefit. And it feels lovely and refreshing as well! (Keep your eyes peeled, we might have some tips for you coming soon)

3. Take More Photographs

This was one of our favourites from our social media poll. Having smartphones makes it so much easier to take pictures of pretty much anything now! Having apps like Leap Second or Free Prints is excellent motivation to keep memories. Maybe promise yourself to get photographs printed every month and put them into an album? You’ll thank yourself in years to come!

4. Practice Gratitude

Every night, think about what you’ve been grateful for during the day. It makes you appreciate the little things and it doesn’t take too long before bed. You could even write them down in a special little diary, or it could just be something you think about whilst your head hits the pillow. For example, “I’m thankful for what the kids have learnt at school” or “I’m grateful for the conversation I had with my friend”.

5. Don’t Spend Your 20ps

This may sound like a strange one, but this is the only resolution I’ve ever experienced someone actually continue until the end of the year and beyond. It’s quite easy really, whenever you have 20ps in change, put them to one side and keep them in a pot at home. At the end of the year, you might be surprised how much you’ve saved! You might be able to get a couple of take aways with it, or something nice in the January sales!

6. Give One Compliment a Day

Set a goal to give at least one compliment to someone a day, whether it be a loved one or a stranger. You will see the good in so many people and it also feels good to make other people feel good. People will appreciate you and maybe be inspired by you to do the same! You’ll be sure to make someones day. 

7.  Make More Lists

Lists can be so helpful for organising our days and making sure we don't forget what we need to do! Whether it be the last thing you do before you leave work or something you do at home at night, make a list for what you need to do the next day. Something about ticking off lists is so therapeutic!

If you are struggling with your New Years resolution, remember Carl R. Rodgers once said, “the curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” Learning to accept and love you for you is the first step to self improvement. Begin by focusing on something other than the way you look. Start small and don’t put too much pressure on yourself and you can achieve so much more. 


We wish you all the best for 2022!


Ellamora x