Special Moments

Here at ellamora we really do love our Jellycat toys and we know that there is nothing nicer than reading to the little people that we love. Jellycat have put together the most adorable range of books with the matching character brought off the pages as an irresistible soft toy - such a lovely gift idea for Birthdays or Christenings, the only problem is which one to choose! Here are a few of our favourites. Precious moments to treasure with the help of Jellycat x

'My Friend Bunny' is a wonderful story about a very special pal. A little rabbit who is full of adventure with floppy ears and soft, creamy fur. A lovely tribute to friendship and fun. Every page is beautifully illustrated to bring the story to life - such a lovely gift idea. Book £10.00. Sweetie Bunny £16.00.

'My Mum and Me' is another charming tale about the love and bond between mother and child, a gorgeous story for Mothers Day, presented in this beautifully illustrated, sturdy book. Our creamy, cuddly lamb comes in two sizes, Mummy and baby... definitely one to make bedtimes special. Book £8.50. Medium Lamb £17.50. Small Lamb £12.00.

'Mattie's Twirly Whirly Tail' Book is a wonderful story about being yourself. Written as a colourful poetry yarn it is a story about a very glum monkey, upset because his his tail is so twizzly, twirly and curly... good job his friends help him see how great he is, I'm sure most of us can relate to Mattie Monkey x Book £6.50. Medium Monkey £20.00. Small Monkey £15.00.

'Magical Unicorn Dreams' is a book all about a truly magical world. Flying, diving, discovering treasure - all thanks to our soft, cuddly unicorn. Little readers will love this adventure, and next time they snooze, they can go along too! Book £10.00. Large Unicorn £27.00. Medium Unicorn £17.50. Small Unicorn £12.00.

Oh dear 'Scruffy Puppy'! We must remember never to judge a book by its cover... The other toys just see his worn fur and chewed ear but once they find out why, they soon realise that this little puppy is a hero. This lovely tale is all about love and loyalty, a beautiful, padded hardback book. Scruffy Puppy Book £7.50. Medium Puppy £17.50. Small Puppy £12.00.

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