Seven Styles for Summer

It won't be too long before we're all enjoying warmer days and longer evenings. To get you prepared (yes, we're a little early but we're just so excited!), we've identified seven Summer styles for you, plus ideas on how to incorporate the biggest trends into your wardrobe this season.

The Boho Beauty

With its fun colour palettes and intrinsic layering, boho fashion is one of the most versatile styles around. Although it’s perfectly adaptable for all seasons, summer festivals and days out in the sun are the perfect opportunity to don your boho-inspired outfits.

The style takes its influence from all cultures, incorporating different fabrics, patterns and textures. Try and think outside the box and borrow elements of different times and cultures to develop your own unique style. Pair colourful patterns with more neutral shades to balance your outfit and embellish with plenty of accessories.


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Simply Elegant

Summer doesn't have to mean bold and bright. It's meant to be one of the most effortless seasons, so allow your wardrobe to reflect exactly that. Despite it's neutral tones, this simple, elegant outfit will have you standing out in a crowd.

Simply Elegant

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Beach Ready

Whether you’re going on holiday or just enjoying a lazy afternoon at the seaside, it’s time to start planning your beach outfits. What could be more stylish than a simple, printed dress? This simple summer outfit emulates a fancy-free beach vibe, with the blues reminiscent of the sea and sky. Try pairing with a lightweight spring jacket for those cooler breezes. A gorgeous pair of sunglasses will finish your outfit off perfectly. This is an ideal outfit for a summer date, girls’ lunch or even a beach party.


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In The Office

Dressing for the office on a warm Summer’s day can sometimes prove to be a challenge. From keeping cool on the commute to keeping warm under the air con unit, you’ll want to feel comfortable but also look smart.  

Keep it simple and elegant with a light summer jumper, paired with a skirt. Go easy on the accessories but don’t forget them! A nice bag, scarf or pair of sunglasses will add personality to your outfit.

In The Office

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Nice and Nautical

Ever since a young Prince Albert Edward dressed in a sailor suit in the 1830s, nautical style has become a classic trend. From Kate Middleton’s chic sailor dress to Audrey Hepburn’s casual striped shirts, this style is particularly fun and easy to pull off. 

Nice and Nautical

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The Traveller

Inspired by far-flung travels, this style evokes the hues of exotic flora and earthy desert sands. Fill your outfit with intricate tropical patterns, bright colours and flowing materials. Don’t forget your sun hat!

The Traveller

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Safari Inspired

The safari style look was introduced to the fashion world in the 60s by well-known fashion designers. The key is to pick the right earth shades, so stick to greys, olives, browns and khakis. Opt for wider garments, like wide-leg shorts, teamed with a deep V-neck top for a more relaxed and sexy safari style.

Composed of neutral and earth shades, this safari-inspired outfit is comfortable and easy-to-wear, perfect for casual street walks or shopping. The tortoiseshell sunglasses are a perfect addition to this stripped-back safari look.

Safari Inspired

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Whatever your Summer style is, we've got everything you need to have you feeling good and relaxed.