Jellycat Update

There is never a dull moment from the world of Jellycat - we have some new additions that have just arrived and they are every bit as adorable as their friends...










We just love 'The Very Brave Lion' he is super cute and cuddly and is the perfect size for a very special companion. He comes with an optional story book which is written in rhyme, telling the story of a father teaching his son all about growing up , the little cub lion learns that it's ok to be scared sometimes, and that kindness and love are all that really matters. Soft toy £17.50 and measures 31cm. Book £10. 

Jellycat tiny bashful bunny

These two cuties are the new miniatures of the original  Bashful Tiny Baby Bunny and Mattie Monkey. Bashful Tiny Baby Bunny is just £8 and stands13cm tall - all the same detail and cuteness as the rest of her family, and little Mattie Monkey is £15 and is 31cm tall.

Jellycat Grey Pom Pom


 ...Oh and not forgetting the latest Grey Pom Pom, cousin to the popular Rainbow Pom Pom, here we have another bit of mischief and we are told that she comes from a star so far away. Fuzzy and funny, this puffy, fluffy grey Pom Pom is going to be loved by everyone... Grey Pom Pom £20