Hand Care

Our hands may be squeaky clean but.... oh my... how they are dry!

With all this essential extra washing we definitely need to give some additional TLC to our dehydrated hands. 

We've decided to pick out our favourite hand saviours to help restore some hydration back into your skin.
Iconic, unmatched - award winning! Just 3 words to sum up this perfect tube. If your looking for the best hand moisturiser out there; then look no further! Each portion of creamy liquid is enriched with 20% shea butter, as well as a blend of almond, honey and hydrating coconut oil for extra nutrients. 
Scent: Shea Butter
Advice: Massage this silky treatment into your hands to add some enriching moisture and hydration - use as often as needed. 
Moisturising Hand Cream from Loccitane
Lavender Scented Hand Soap and Moisturising Hand Cream
This scented hand soap is enriched with beautiful lavender essential oil from Haute-Provence, all of the ingredients have been carefully put together to ensure the cleansing gel will not disturb the natural PH balance of your skin. 
Scent: Lavender 
Advice: Apply this smooth hand wash on to wet hands, wash well, make it foam then rinse. 
Enriched with shea butter, lavender and coconut oil all whipped up together to create this super soft hydrating cream. Perfect for rubbing into dry over washed hands.
Scented Moisturising Soap Bars
Natural and nourishing, this 100% vegetable oil based hand and body soap is packed full with moisturising shea butter and lavender. Created to gently cleanse and preserve your skins natural moisture balance. 
Scent: Lavender and Shea Butter
Advice: Produce enough foam to apply to skin with some splashes of water - rubbing the soap between your hand for approximately 20 seconds. Keep massaging the creamy foam into your skin to give extra smooth hydration. Rinse thoroughly with water while continuing to massage. 
Verbena Scented Hand Cream and Hand Soap
Extra gentle, extra citrus and extra shea butter! Even the driest of skin types will benefit from this detergent free Verbena cleanser soap. Formulated with 100% vegetable oil base, this golden liquid will help preserve your skins natural moisture balance. 
Scent: Verbena 
Advice: Lather up your hands with this luxuriously scented liquid - massaging the liquid into your skin for 20 seconds. Then rinse thoroughly to add some moisture back into your skin. 
Hand Soap Collection
Hydrating Hand Care Moisturiser Creams
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