Facial Care For Your Skin Type

Finding the Best Facial Care To Cater To Your Skin Type just got easier!

Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin or a combination of them all we've researched into the very best serums and creams from cruelty free beauty brand L'Occitane so you don't have to… Natural Cruelty Free Skincare For All Skin TypesDiscover our collection of L’Occitane’s natural face care products and perfect your routine.

Shea Ultra Rich Comforting Face Cream

What skin type is it tailored to?


The creamy textured ultra-rich face cream provides all the essentials needed for sensitive, dry and very dry skin types. With its high concentration of shea butter, it can keep your face moisturised and hydrated for up to 72 hours.

How to use:

  • Add a dab of the smooth moisturising cream to your hands, warming it with your palms.
  • Apply to your face starting from the middle, spreading to your forehead, neck and even chest area.  

Beauty Tip: Pat all over once applied to boost microcirculation. (it’s non-comedogenic formula won’t clog pores).

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Natural Face Moisturising Creams For All Skin Types

Shea Light Comforting Face Cream

What skin type is it tailored to?


The light textured comforting face cream will provide long lasting moisture for up to 48 hours. It’s silky formula leaves skin feeling supple, soft and hydrated protecting against external aggression's. 

How to use:

  • Add a dab of moisturising cream into your hand and warm it up between your palms.
  • For deeply nourished skin, apply the cream to your face, starting from the middle and moving to your forehead. Do not forget to moisturise your neck and chest area. 

Beauty Tip: Pat all over, to boost microcirculation. The Ultra Rich face cream is non-comedogenic and formulated to avoid blocking pores. 

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Immortelle Divine Cream

What skin type is it tailored to?

Daily use visibly reduces wrinkles and regains the skins elasticity and firmness.

The highly concentrated anti-ageing cream is a complete face moisturiser designed to fight against visible signs of ageing. With its velvety smooth texture, the Immortelle Divine cream contains two times more anti-oxidant than vitamin D leaving skin soft, nourished, brighter and more even toned.

How to use:

  • Apply every morning and/or evening. Avoid contact with eyes.

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Creme Divine Immortelle Face Cream by Loccitane en Provence

Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil

What skin type is it tailored to?

After one night, you will find your skin hydrated, looking smoother; and your complexion fresh and rested.

Here is a question…. What if you could reset your skin overnight, erase the impact of stress and fatigue, and wake up each morning with fresh, rested healthy-looking skin?

We present to you… Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil!

The L’Occitane reset oil has been recognised as ‘the best skincare innovation’ winning awards from Harpers Bazaar and Women & Home.

It will leave you with skin that looks rested, fresh and radiant. The extraordinary serum works in combination with all L’Occitane’s face care serums and moisturisers so it’s the perfect partnership to your current beauty regime.

Infused with: Marjoram - known to help activate gene expression functions that have become dormant due to natural ageing; 
Acmella Oleacera – a natural alternative to botox, it relaxes muscle tension and helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines and expressions lines. 

After 4 weeks, your skin will be smoother, more radiant and plumped; while the skin texture looks more even and younger-looking. 

How to use:

  • Apply to freshly-cleansed skin, avoiding contact with eyes. The Immortelle Reset formula is most effective at night, when followed by your regular serum and moisturiser routine.

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Immortelle Reset Cream, Anti-Aging Serum by Loccitane

Immortelle Precious Cream

What skin type is it tailored to?

Daily use of the cream restores the supple firmness of youth, reviving the complexion to leave it feeling noticeably softer and more hydrated. 

This lusciously smooth moisturiser will leave skin nourished and firm smoothing away fine lines reducing the noticeable signs of aging. With its triple action formula, the Immortelle Precious cream restores your skins youthful vigour and revives complexion. 

How to use:

  •  Apply twice per day – when you wake up in the morning and before you retire to bed in the evening.
  • Massage it gently across the face and neck, smoothing it fully into the skin for maximum absorption and to help the blood start flowing. Enjoy the gentle floral aroma of the immortelle flowers, their antioxidant properties preserved in this age-defying wrinkle cream.

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Precious Immortelle Face and Eye Cream by Loccitane Precious Eye Balm

What skin type is it tailored to?

The Precious Eye Balm helps to smooth, firm and reduce dark circles and puffiness.

The triple action Precious Eye Balm visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps restore firmness giving you an overall rested look. Puffiness and dark areas are minimised thanks to the action of ruscus and holly extracts. 

How to use:

  • Gently dab a small amount of the eye balm underneath the eye and work your way outwards.
  • Apply from the inner corner of your eye towards the outside, by light pressure with your ring fingers.
  • Finish with a light smoothing gesture, to smooth eye contour.

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Precious Eye Balm

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