Easy Pancake Day Recipe

Happy Pancake Day! Struggling to find a simple recipe to make quick and easy pancakes? We're giving you our foolproof method of cooking thin, crepe pancakes and favourite our toppings!

Ingredients (to make approx 10):
300ml Whole Milk
2 Large Eggs
100g Plain Flour
(yes, that's it!)

1. Turn your oven on low, around 50 degrees celsius.
2. Beat your eggs and add to milk. Mix.
3. Sift your flour and combine with egg & milk mix. This is your batter. 
4. Grab a frying pan and put it on the heat. 
5. Add a nob of butter or a splash of oil and let it heat up.
6. Add a ladle of your batter and spread around the bottom of the pan by moving the pan is circular motions.
7. When your edges are beginning to slightly lift, it's time to flip! You can use a spatular or be brave and flip using the pan. 
8. Cook until lightly golden. Flip again if one side needs a few more seconds.
9. Once each crepe is done, pop it on a place in your gently heated oven to keep them warm whilst you cook the rest. 
10. Once all cooked, add desired toppings, fold or roll and enjoy!

Pancake Day 2022

What are some of our favourite toppings?
Lemon Juice & Sugar
Chocolate Spread
Biscoff Spread
Whipped Cream
Banana & Honey
Ice Cream
Chocolate Sauce & Strawberries
Sliced Fruits

Ellamora x